Top of the Tree for Trent’s Newest Cadet Warrant Officers

The rank of Cadet Warrant Officer is the pinnacle of the Cadet promotion structure and it’s by no means an entitlement or easy route to obtain it.
On Saturday 16th April 2016, eight candidates from across Trent Wing, which covers five counties undertook their wing boards for promotion. The board was held at the Trent Wing Headquarters, nestled within RAF Digby, the RAF’s oldest station. The panel that had to be convinced were the Deputy Officer Commanding Trent Wing,

Squadron Leader Daniel Withnall and Deputy Wing Warrant Officer. Both have extremely high expectations and both former Warrant Officers, Squadron Leader Withnall as a Cadet Warrant Officer and Warrant Officer Stewart a former Warrant Officer in the British Army.
The board is the last hurdle to get through, an interview about themselves, their achievements and their knowledge of Corps rules, regulations and policies. In order for cadets to reach this stage, they have to demonstrate a broad service within the Air Cadets through attending events, taking exams, involving themselves in a range of activities and achieving thre prior promotions.
At the end of a very long day, Trent Wing is pleased wo announce the promotion from Cadet Flight Sergeant to Cadet Warrant Officer of:
Cadet Warrant Officer Cameron Doherty – 204 City of Lincoln Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Gabrielle Eason-Edge – 204 City of Lincoln Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Sid Mohns – 141 Boston Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Natasha Berg – 141 Boston Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Daniel Slack – 1401 Alfreton & Ripley Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Ben Busswell – 620 Derwent Valley Sqn
Cadet Warrant Officer Victoria Griffiths – 620 Derwent Valley Sqn
Squadron Leader Withnall said ‘It was heartening to see the quality of candidates that have been interviewed today and I hope that this trend will continue in the future and in particular with the five remaining candidates we are hoping to interview in the next fortnight.’
The expectations of a Cadet Warrant Officer are high, being exemplary in all areas of their cadet service, from dress and discipline to being a role model to younger cadets and fulfilling their role as junior members of adult staff.