Grimsby’s Cadets Graduate with Flying Colours

Fifteen of Grimsby’s brightest youngsters were celebrating last week after graduating from their initial training phase at Grimsby’s RAF Air Cadet Squadron.
The cadets of 195 (Grimsby) Squadron had spent 6 months in initial training, studying the history of the Air Cadet Organisation and the RAF, learning to fire a rifle and march to commands, before graduating in front of their families last week.
One cadets parents told how their son was ‘in his element’ after joining the cadets. Susi and Raj Gaikwad said their son had been for a look around the Squadron, and joined immediately after.
“Rithik really loves coming to cadets – he works hard to iron his uniform and won’t miss any activity.”
Annalise and Steve Knight said of their son Ethan: “He’s really enjoying it. He’s got more confidence, and loves being part of the cadets.
“Ethan saw the cadets recruiting at Waddington air show, and he’s interested in joining the RAF in the future so the cadets will help him further his interests.”
Flight Lieutenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 Squadron, said: “These cadets have performed very well.
“They are now faced with some great opportunities as they advance to the next stage of their training and can take advantage of the chances to get involved in more exciting activities such as flying.”
Civilian Instructor Lewis Barron, Initial Cadet Training Flight Leader, said: “These cadets have progressed incredibly well, and have met the standards required of any graduating cadet at 195 Squadron.
“We are now recruiting for our next intake. There are lots of opportunities we can offer the young people of this area – especially in terms of career-enhancing qualifications and skills.
“195 Squadron helped change the lives of so many local youngsters, offering some incredible opportunities.”