Local Cadet Bakes for Charity

Local RAF Air Cadet siblings, Madeline Warren, aged 12, and  Finlay Warren, aged 14, received high praise last week after raising over £70 for charity from a bake sale.
Both cadets, with the help of their mum, spent several hours baking cakes for their fellow air cadets at 195 (Grimsby) Squadron, in the hope of raising money for the units’ new minibus, as well as for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up following the tragic case of teenager Sophie Lancaster who, in 2007, died as a result of an attack by a gang of youths.
The Foundation has since challenged prejudice and intolerance towards subcultures, and has campaigned to extend UK hate crime legislation to include subcultures and alternative lifestyles.
Flight Lieutenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 Squadron, said: “Both cadets have shown great passion and initiative in raising funds for causes that they clearly very deeply care about.  I would like to commend both cadets on their hard work and their determination. I’m certain that they will both go far.”
Cadet M Warren said: “I am really happy that the bake sale raised so much. I was thinking about how I could get involved and support some causes that mean a lot to me, and the idea of a bake sale just popped into my head”.
Cadet F Warren said: “With the help of our mum and the staff and cadets of 195 Squadron, it became a success.”
The bake sale raised £73.61 for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and 195 (Grimsby) Squadron’s minibus fund.