‘A Walk Through Time for 1109 Cadets’


On Thursday 17th March 2016, cadets from 1109 (Thetford) Squadron visited the RAF Heritage Centre at Royal Air Force Honington.

1109 IMG_46991109 educationimage2 (3)
The museum displays various equipment and wartime memorabilia associated with the RAF Regiment from 1942 to the present day. The RAF Heritage Centre is run by a group of volunteers, both service and ex-service members of the RAF Regiment. Peter Rae, a volunteer at the centre, conducted a tour in which the cadets were shown around the museum and educated on a range of exhibitions including Bofors Anti-Aircraft Guns, Rapier Surface to Air Missile Systems, Spartan and Scorpion Tanks, Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars and Foxhound Armoured Vehicles to name a few.
Cadet Flight Sergeant Hayden Iles said “the visit to the RAF Heritage Centre was a fundamental part to allow cadets from the squadron to gain an insight into the history of the RAF Regiment. In combination with the museum tour, it enabled them to see how equipment within the armed forces has advanced over time and understand the importance of past conflict.”
The squadron would like thank the RAF Heritage Centre and its volunteers for their kind hospitality during this evening, encouraging anyone with an interest in the history of the RAF Regiment to visit the museum.