Cadets First Aid Success!

RAF Air Cadets of 195 (Grimsby) Squadron spent last week weekend improving their life-saving abilities.

195 heartstart
The fifteen local air cadets, each aged between 13 and 18, completed an intensive 2-day course covering CPR, basic first aid, what to do in an emergency situation, as well as more specialist training for reacting to cases such as epileptic seizures and heart attacks.
Flight Lieutenant Terance Shird, Officer Commanding 195 Squadron, said: “These cadets have done remarkably well to achieve the St John’s Ambulance Youth First Aid qualification.
“Our Squadron prioritises first aid training, making it mandatory for all cadets training with us, as this type of knowledge is invaluable you are met with a life-threatening situation.
Pilot Officer Kirsty Hudson, First Aid Instructor, said: “The course is usually spread over a 4 – 8 week period of two evenings per week; however the cadets are fast learners, so we decided to change the programme, giving us more time for other exercises and activities.”
“We hope that our cadets never find themselves in a situation where they would need to use this training, but it is always better to know what to do and not need it, than to need it and not know it.”
This comes just months after a group of Air Cadets saved the lives of seven climbers in the French Pyrenees by administering first aid.