1401 Try STEM Activities For Science Week, Part 1:


Image 2 STEM (1)British Science Week ran from 11-20 March, and was aimed at promoting the four areas of STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. To celebrate the week,1401 (Alfreton & Ripley) Squadron took part in a number of team activities tailored to each area of STEM.Image 1 STEM (1)

During the first parade night of the week, the cadets were split into four groups and rotated around activities which focused on each area of STEM, with the teams then being scored.

For science the cadets were demonstrating their knowledge of clouds and identifying different cloud types, they were then attempting to make a cloud in a plastic bottle, there were some great results seen in this task.

The next area being looked at was technology, the cadets were taught about binary code from one of the Cadet Non Commissioned Officers, and they were then tested on what they had learnt.

Image 4 STEM (1)The task given to the cadets to represent engineering was to plan and create a crane in 20 minutes, utilising paper, string and tape. There were some really inventive designs created, showing there are a number of future engineers at the squadron.

The final task saw the cadets take on maths puzzles under the guise of a room escape challenge. The cadets had to find four keys hidden in the room, which would open a box containing a maths question. If they got the question right, they were given a code number which when complete they could use to escape the room.

Overall the evening was a great opportunity to promote STEM subjects to the cadets and offer them an insight into each area. Congratulations to Team 1, who won the evening, placing in the top 2 for all 4 areas.