1461 Go Senior

26th of February saw the start of the first Senior Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) Course of 2016. A much improved course to fit the demands of South & East Midlands Wing’s high calibre NCOs, the course saw a record number of cadets attending the course.1461 Timson B (1)

Cadet Corporal Ben Timson of 1461 (Wigston and District) squadron packed his bags and set off to RAF Wittering keenly arriving an hour early. That Friday evening the staff and cadets introduced themselves to the rest of the course, and the course leader was picked. The evening was concluded with the course expectations, a Belbin leadership style, with the Corporal receiving the style of “Shaper” and was then rounded-off with a short ATC quiz in which the Corporal scored a joint high of 18/20.

Saturday saw an early start. Immediately after breakfast the course travelled to 2 MT hanger for their personal drill assessment, this included taking the flight, and being in the flight. That session finished with a short lesson on how to teach drill which the Corporal and the rest of the course Cadet Drill Instructors where luckily enough to teach to their colleagues. The rest of the day saw lessons in the role of a Senior NCO, discipline, welfare, leadership, health and safety, and dress regulations. Adding on to this the course tackled a leadership exam, assessment and also had to battle their way through scenario activities, which included a debate in how to tackle certain situations.

Another early start on Sunday promptly began with an inspection and inspection technique. The course were praised due to their impressively high standards during the inspection from the course staff. Another scenario based activity, lessons on BADER, media, and post 18 service rounded-off the day, which were concluded by 1:1 feedback and course critique.

Cadet Corporal Timson had this to say, “I definitely enjoyed the course, the lessons learned were very valuable, and I think the course will help me better myself as an NCO, and hopefully my course report will help me push for a promotion in the future.”

1461 Media Team