Young Air Cadets Receive Academic Awards

A flurry of young local air cadets have discovered that academic prowess really does pay off, after each earning their classification badges.
Cadet Burton195 IMG (2), Cadet Allen and Cadet Parry of 195 (Grimsby) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, were each awarded their leading cadet classification badges after completing several academic exams through the course of their cadet training.
Aerospace Officer and exam invigilator, Sergeant Ben Bowyer, said: “These cadets have performed really well and should be proud of themselves.

“Gaining the Leading Cadet classification badge opens up a whole new world to these individuals. They are now eligible to apply for promotion and take on further responsibilities around the Squadron, as well as being able to take part in more of the cadet activities.
“Succeeding in these exams does not necessarily require academic brilliance however. These cadets must listen to their instructors, attend their classes on Squadron and read the revision material. The wide range of courses means that there is a subject for everyone.”

Cadets Burton, Parry and Allen each completed Basic Map Navigation, Principles of Flight, Airmanship Knowledge and Aircraft Recognition.
Cadet Allen described the moment that he received his badge from the Squadron Commander as ‘exciting’, adding: “I’ve been working really hard to get this badge so that I can apply for promotion. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”
Cadet Parry said: “I’m so happy that I’ve passed my exams. This is another step in the progression of my cadet career.”