Member of the Public Thanks Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Staff

Staff from Norfolk & Suffolk Wing on a recent adventure training weekend went the extra mile in helping out a member of the public in distress, thinking nothing of it until Wing HQ received an email thanking them all for their efforts!

N&S DSC_0591 (2)The Wing Staff team arrived in the Goyt Valley car park on the Sunday morning, and found the AA trying to pull out a large motorhome bogged down in the mud. Realising the vehicle was not going anywhere, the team decided to take matters into their own hands, and led by Wing Commander David Miller, OC Norfolk & Suffolk, the group worked together to push the motorhome out of the mud in a matter of minutes. Nothing more was said about the event until Wing received an email from the very grateful owner, who had tracked them down thanks to the Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Air Cadets logo on the minibus. It was only then that they realised just what a difference they had made.

To the Commanding Officer

I am writing to request that you convey my sincere gratitude to the staff that rescued me on the 24th January in the Peak District after my motorhome became bogged down in mud in a Goyt Valley car park.

I was on a trip from Surrey to Blackpool to visit a very close friend after he had suffered a severe Cardiac Arrest . I stopped for a break in my journey when I became severely stuck.

Even though a chap from the Automobile Association was in attendance there appeared to be very little hope of him being able to tow me out, due to the sheer weight and size of my vehicle, his attempts only succeeded to break his tow rope.

Out of the blue, a team of what I believe to be your staff arrived, and after seeing the situation I was in, carried out what I consider to be a totally unbelievable exercise.

They asked me to steer the vehicle whilst they pushed, I really thought they were joking, because I was up to my axels both front and back, but after two attempts they had me clear. I still don’t know how they managed it. It was a feat that had to be seen to be believed.

I cannot express how very thankful I am that they took control of the situation in a most professional manner.

Owing to my frame of mind at the time in relation to my friend, I don’t feel that I thanked them as much as I could have, so I would be extremely grateful if you can locate these people and give them my very heartfelt thanks.