Air Cadets is all about.

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are parented by the Royal Air Force(RAF) and so take a great interest in what we do and how we operate, this was an area senior recruiters wanted to find out more about.

On the 4th of February the man in charge of recruitment dropped into 2160 (Sleaford) Squadron to gain an understanding of just what we do, as part of the drive to reconnect with the organisation, Group Captain Paul Sanger-Davis, Group Captain Recruiting and Selection and two of his senior staff came to see a typical squadron training evening.Gp Capt DoR visits 2160 Sleaford

The Group Captain was particularly keen to see the training the Corps has to offer young people and how links with the parent service are operating. Both he and his staff had informal talks with both staff and cadets about RAF recruiting and the way forward. During the course of the evening Group Captain Sanger Davies met Cadet Sergeant Liam Davies who will be leaving the squadron in two weeks’ time to begin his training to become an NCO Air Crewman.
Sergeant Davies said; “ Group Captain Sanger-Davis was interested in the process I had gone through with the RAF’s recruiting organisation to get to this point and wished me every success in my forthcoming training.”
Whilst the RAF Air Cadets is not a recruiting tool or organisation for the RAF, it offers opportunities and support to those who wish to join the RAF by providing training and skills that are useful in both civilian and service life as well as providing citizenship and Leadership training. Sleaford has a great history with former cadets joining the Royal Air Force in varying roles from Fast Jet Pilots to Chefs, heads of industry and everything in between.