New Instructor Cadets for Sleaford Squadron

Four cadets from 2160 (Sleaford) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, are celebrating their success in achieving the highest classification in the training syllabus, the Instructor Cadet Classification

2160 Insrtucto
Cadet Sergeant Liam Davies, Cadet Corporal’s Euan Palfrey, James Balicki and Gabe Lester all successfully passed their instructor cadet exam last week. Uniquely the Instructor Cadet lanyard is earned by the cadet demonstrating their ability as an instructor in front of a class of cadets rather than an online exam.

Following a rigorous training programme, looking at instructional techniques, training delivery and styles the four Cadet Non Commissioned Officers’s had to prepare and deliver a ten minute lesson whilst being assessed by Squadron Leader Mark Daffey, the Squadron’s Wing Staff Officer. Cadet Sergeant Davies said of the experience:; “I was quite apprehensive at the beginning but once into my stride all the preparation and practice kicked in and I actually enjoyed the experience. All four newly appointed Instructor Cadets are looking forward to developing their skills as part of the Induction flight training team.

The Instructor Cadet classification allows those cadets who achieve the award to deliver training to other cadets, helping to develop their own personal skills and leadership abilities. It is part of a progressive core training package offered to all cadets in the RAF Air Cadets and helps to utilise the skill set of older cadets, whilst presenting them with a new challenge.