‘Cadets Train on Target’

Recently, staff and Air Cadets of 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron, 2229 (Loughborough) Squadron and 2502 (Hamilton) Squadron joined together to develop their skill at arms training in order to allow them to safely use the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle, the next step up on their cadet target shooting careers.
In order to pass the demanding course, the cadets and staff were put through their paces by Sergeant (ATC) Eric Severn and Flying Officer Daniel McGlynn RAFVR(T), who are both qualified Skill at Arms Instructors. During the course, there was a large amount of information that the cadets were required to learn and well as demonstrating a range of new rifle drills to high and safe standards.

1279 Skill at Arms Course Pic 1 (1)
The lessons over the course allowed the cadets to develop their knowledge of safe handling of the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle as well as revise general safe handling rules that they learn at the beginning of their cadet careers. At the end of the course, the cadets were required to take a Rifle Handling Test which is made up of a set of rifle drills and questions to help prove that the cadets and staff were able to safely carry out any of the key drills and prove their knowledge of cleaning the rifle.
The course was a great success and left many happy cadets and staff members with another opportunity that they can now take up, including taking part in Wing Shoots and Long Range shoots.
Sergeant (ATC) Lynda Kinniburgh, who was a student on the course, commented, “It was a really tough course but I’m so glad I took part. It’s really rewarding when you manage to get the drills right and I’m looking forward to putting my new skills to the test on the range.”