Norfolk and Suffolk Wing’s first SNCO Skill At Arms Instructor


Sergeant (ATC) David Towell from 1109 (Thetford) Squadron recently attended the Skills At Arms Instructors (Cadets) Course held at Beckingham in Lincolnshire to continue his development on all cadet rifles.

After five days of training including personal knowledge of the various rifles and teaching methods, David successfully completed the course and is now a Skill At Arms Instructor (SAAI). This is the first for Norfolk and Suffolk Wing and David is looking forward to passing his knowledge onto the cadets to aid their shooting development.
David said, ‘it was a really challenging course with lots of new information being delivered at a very high rate. I really enjoyed the course but can honestly say it was one of the hardest courses I’ve ever done, the amount of information you have to take in is immense. The staff from the Central Training Team were a big help to all of us on the course. To come back and be the first SNCO qualified as a SAAI(C) in Norfolk & Suffolk Wing is quite a nice feeling but there is still a lot of work to do. I can’t wait to get training the cadets in the New Year’.
This is a great achievement for Sergeant Towell, 1109 Squadron and the Wing who I am sure will utilise his skills.