Inaugural Advanced NCO Course

Adv course
South & East Midlands Wing has always held its Cadet Warrant Officers in high regard, and now has moved to support those reaching the highest cadet rank through the third stage of Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) Development Courses – the Advanced NCO Course.
Building on the leadership skills and knowledge of the Initial and Senior NCO Courses, the Course aims to empower the future Cadet Warrant Officers of the Wing with the skills needed to make a significant and lasting impact on the positive development of their Unit and the Cadets around them. The course focusses on personal and individual development of cadets into the esteemed rank.
Eight cadets from across the Wing attended the inaugural Course held at RAF Wittering from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November 2015. The course encouraged the cadets to develop their own leadership styles through teaching and mentoring. A number of detailed topics within leadership and management were taught and discussed, alongside the standards and continuing personal development in the role of Cadet Warrant Officer. This included covering a variety of advanced ACO knowledge, ranging from the use of the Bader System to the Corps governance structure.
Cadet Flight Sergeant Jade Cox, of 1360 (Stapleford & Sandiacre) Squadron ATC, said “the unique experiences I gained from the Advanced NCO course has provided me not only with the information to aid me in progressing to the next milestone in my cadet career, but has also empowered me with the tools I require in later life in the Air Cadet Organisation. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who has the opportunity to attend!”
Cadet Flight Sergeant Ao-Hin Tang, of 1947 (Birstall) Squadron ATC, said “the Advanced NCO course was an absolutely amazing course and is unlike any other course that the Wing has on offer. It has been really helpful and I am sure it will have a positive impact in not only the personal development within my cadet career, but also outside the Air Cadet Organisation as well.”
The new ANCO Course is the latest addition to the Cadet Developpment Team portfolio of Wing level training courses, it has been designed specifically to prepare the most senior Cadets in South & East Midlands Wing for promotion to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer.

Wing Staff Officer Flight Lieutenant Jodi Hudson, the Wing Training Officer (Cadet Development), said “the course has been two years in the making, a lot of time and effort has been put in by a highly dedicated and ehtusiatistic team of staff drawn from across the Wing and all of the hard work has certainly paid off. The first course proved to be a real success, with the training objectives being achieved and the feedback from the cadets attending being extreemly positive.”