West Nottingham Air Cadet at St Paul’s for Battle of Britain Service

On Tuesday the 15th of September Cadet Ewa Skotak of 504 (West Nottingham) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets, attended the Battle of Britain service at St Paul’s Cathedral and the reception at The Guildhall afterwards.
This is her story of the day:

skotak & AOC (1)
“Had an amazing time at the Battle of Britain Anniversary. I couldn’t thank the RAF Association enough for this opportunity. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to speak to the President of Poland. However, I did get to have a chat on multiple occasions with both the Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty and the Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford.
It was an honour meeting such high ranking officers – including RAAF senior officers – and to have in depth conversations with the Polish war veterans. They had fascinating stories to tell and were equally as interesting and kind people themselves. Along with being invited by them to a parade on the 26th of September (unsure about details, I will contact one of the veterans’ daughter), I think I managed to befriend at least most of them.
Other VIPs, whom I had the pleasure to be in the presence of, included David Cameron, His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex, and the newly elected Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn – who looked absolutely delighted to be at the service.”