Wigston CWO Receives “Biggest Honour”

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CWO Molly Henson recently attended this year’s Corps Drill and Ceremonial Camp at Bodney. The aim of the week was to train just short on 300 cadets in riffle drill, ready to perform a continuity sequence to Commandant Air Cadets, The CACWO, Corps Drill and Ceremonial Warrant Officer and the QCS Warrant Officer.

For CWO Henson, this was to be her final chance at attending an annual camp before she ages out at the beginning of March 2016, after almost 7 years of service. Little did she know that there would be an opportunity for someone to carry the Corps Banner on final parade until she was asked mid-week if she felt up to the challenge.

After a ‘Banner Off’ with another CWO, it was announced that Molly would be the Banner Bearer on the parade! This was an incredible opportunity for CWO Henson and one that she took within her stride.

After just a few hours of training and practising, with an old broom, it was time for the final parade and the pressure was on as CWO Henson was to be placed right at the front of the parade in front of the Commandant herself! But once the adrenaline kicked in, CWO Henson performed her duties with pride and professionalism, along with the rest of the 300 cadets on parade.

“This is just the icing on the cake for me. The end of my cadet career is getting closer and closer by the day so to be able to carry the Corps Banner, an opportunity that very few people get; it was just the biggest and proudest honour for me and such an amazing way to see out almost 7 years of being a cadet. I actually felt quite emotional!!!! Thank you to the directing staff for giving me the opportunity, it is yet another chance that cadets has given me that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life!”