Derby Air Cadets Hit the Target

Derby has one of the strongest Cadet Rifle Shooting Teams in the Air Cadet Organisation and the team have been at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley competing in the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM).

Every Squadron in the country can enter cadets to compete at the national event along with the Army Cadets and the Sea Cadets- it really showcases shooting at its best. It’s a well-known fact that cadets of all ages enjoy shooting and the opportunity to be competitive at such a high level is a great honour.126  e1ab3a613a094225fc375a7679c7b7ba

Derby had four cadets enter the competition this year and all four cadets were in the top 100 which is the criteria to be awarded their Cadet 100 badge:
12th Place- Cadet Talwar
72nd Place- Cadet Corporal Reid
92nd Place- Cadet Corporal Winter
100th Place- Cadet Sergeant Ramage

Cadet Talwar was selected as one of the top 18 Air Cadets to go on to shoot in the Corps final Cadet Talwar said, “This was such a great honor to be selected for the team. This was my first ISCRM so I was a bit nervous but really proud of the Derby team for doing so well.” The Air Cadet team had their work cut out against the strong entries from the Army Cadets and Sea Cadets but the Air Cadets triumphed on the day and won the Inter Services Match.

It isn’t just shooting that Derby Squadron have been getting involved during their time at Bisley. Adult Flight Sergeant Helen Southall and Civilian Instructor Alice Southall were selected to coach for the Air Cadet Team in the Inter Service Match, the cadets also got to put the skills that they had learnt earlier on in the year at the Corps Coaching Course into practice, Cadet Sgt Ramage, Cadet Cpl Reid and Cadet Warrant Officer Esmee Marsh were all selected to be plotters for the Air Cadet Team.

In view of the size of this competition and the high standard of shooting required, to win four ‘Cadet 100’ awards in the county is a magnificent effort and congratulations go to the Cadets and their Coaches who achieved these excellent results.

Cadet Sergeant Ramage has since go on to represent England in the Cadet International Match which took place the following week at Bisley, he scored a 104 out of 105 over three shoots at 300,500 and 600 yards, a fantastic achievement.

Cadets and Staff from 126 Squadron have also competed in the NRA Imperial Meeting this week – more results and information to follow!