Health and Safety Gold Award.

Thank you for reading past the title as I know many will find the title a little less than exciting, but all the same it is one of the most important opportunities that the Air Training Corps (ATC) can offer not just their cadets but their staff alike.

Gold H&S Aware (2)Within the ATC and each individual squadron, the safety of our members is always the priority, so much so that we do not just offer training to our staff but also to our cadets through the ELA Cadet program.

As you would imagine Health and Safety does not just stop at training, each individual squadron must prove their capability of working in a safe environment, following legislations and accessing risks and each squadron is inspected by the Region Health and Safety officer Mr John Mauger, and 51 (Orton) Squadron have just completed their inspection and have been awarded with a Gold Award, which is the highest achievable level.

The recognition of our own head of Health and Safety Officer, Serving Royal Air Force personnel Flight Sergeant Chris Brewer, did not stop their though as we were advised that our squadron would be put out to other squadron’s and a place to visit should they need to see a successful squadron in this area.

Flt Lt Mason commented “All inspections can be a little nerve racking, but none more so than the Health and Safety one as we all know that is the safe guarding of people at stake. I am however very proud to be commanding a squadron who clearly are outstanding in this area and my thanks goes to FS Chris Brewer and all the other members of 51 (Orton) Squadron”.