Derby Cadets at Nessclifffe

Cadet Corporal Cade Foster and Cadet Corporal Sam Holland attended the sought after Cadet Leadership Course held at Nesscliffe Training Centre.

The Cadets spent a week with members of the Air Cadet Organisation, Army Cadet Force and the Combined Cadet Force. The Cadets went through a grueling programme which included completing sections on front line first aid, casualty evacuation, learning how to set up a temporary base, camouflage and concealment, field tactics and section/ platoon working.

Cadet Corporal Foster said, “The first few days were tough as there was a lot to take in. The Army Cadets on the course were used to this sort of training. After a while it started to make sense and I was lucky enough to win the accoalde of Best Endeavoured Cadet on the course.” This is a fantastic award for the Cadet Corporal Foster who was identified as the most hard working out of the group of 212 personnel.

The course has allowed the two Cadets to further stretch their skills within leadership and they hope to be a part of the Air Cadet Junior Leader programme some time in the future.