Monthly Media Scores for Wings

The Region Media competition has been running since 1st September last year and will run through to 31st August 2015.

The scores from this part of the Media Competition at Region Field day will determine which squadron and Wing within the Region are the best at producing media and advertising their squadron/wing.

The score from this part of the competition will form a large part of the overall Media Competition Score which in turn forms part of the score for the overall Region Field Day competition.

Wing Scores – April 2015                    Score                   Percentage         Weighted Score

Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire           3,117                       54.84%                       1,709.32
Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire            166                      10.00%                             16.60
Norfolk & Suffolk                                   5,530                      89.66%                        4,957.93
South &East Midlands                         14,657                    100.00%                           14,657
Trent                                                      4,167                      64.52%                        2,688.39
Warwickshire & Birmingham                  8,892                      80.77%                       7,182.00

“Score” is the monthly total

“Percentage” is the percentage of squadrons within the wing that have submitted Tracker Reports.

“Weighted Score” is the “Score” multiplied by the “Percentage”