126 On Target with Qualifications

Cadet Corporal Lewis Reid and Cadet Amrit Talwar of 126 (City of Derby) Squadron spent a week at Nesscliffe Training Camp on the Corps Target Rifle Coaching Course on the L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle.

126shooting (2)
The candidates, who are staff and Cadets, are taught to coach not only a novice but also improve their own skills in target shooting. Candidates managed a day of target shooting at 300 yards, even in tricky wind conditions, and all enjoyed their exposure to coaching.
As a result of the course the candidates have gained increased knowledge which will enable them to coach others. Cadet Amrit Talwar said, “We now have an in depth understanding of fault finding and technique as well as how to improve our own target shooting skills.”
Both 126 Cadets on the course are hoping the qualification will help them coach Cadets at ISCRM and also improve on their self-coaching at the NRA Imperial Meeting at the National Shooting Centre Bisley which is a civilian competition held later on in the year.
Both Cadets received their Certificate for Target Rifle Advanced Skills with Cadet Corporal Lewis Reid receiving the award for Top Coach on the course for the second year running which is a huge achievement. The final assessment was based on practical coaching skills and examinations throughout the week.
Overall it was viewed as an excellent course and will be very beneficial to the Cadets that attended.