Passion. Time. Accomplishment. From Civilian Instructor to uniformed member of staff.

Girffin-gets-SgtOnce again 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron is showing its ability and strength to the Air Cadet Organisation. Mr Griffin, now Sergeant (ATC) Griffin, was delighted to finally get his Sergeant tapes.

Over the past year Sergeant Griffin has travelled to RAF Wittering for training courses, which have taught him the key roles and standards of an adult Senior NCO within the Air Cadet Organisation.

Sergeant Griffin was put through a series of testing processes, including an interview, to show his strong will to pass into uniform. Sergeant Griffin now needs to complete the SNCO Initial Course to complete the process of becoming a Sergeant (ATC).

2195 Long Eaton Squadron is very proud and happy for Sergeant Griffin and we look forward to seeing him continue to prosper in the Air Cadet Organisation.
Well done!

Written by Cadet Corporal J Bland