The Voice of Central & East Region – Round 3 : Bedfordshire & Cambridge Wing

Round 3 of The Voice of Central & East Region Singing Competition took place on Sunday 29th November. This time it was competitors from Bedfordshire & Cambridge Wing who sang in order to gain votes from the Judges; hoping to be picked for their teams and make it into the Judges Cut on Saturday 13th December.

After Warrant Officer Michael Webb had again introduced the four judges (See earlier post – the first contenstant up was Cadet Warrant Officer Liam Hill from 1220 (March) Squadron. Singing and playing the guitar he wowed the judges with his version of “Zombie” by the Cranberries, getting votes from all four of them! The pitches from the judges reflected their confidence in CWO Hill’s performance and he quickly picked to be on Warrant Officer Roberts team.

The final competitor in today’s short round was Cadet Eleanor Spinks of 511 (Ramsey) Squadron. Cadet Spinks sang an amazing version of “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele which got all of the judges singing along (and voting!). After a spirited battle between the judges, Cadet Spinks also opted to be in Warrant Officer Roberts team (maybe something to do with him recently being staff there ??)

This leaves the judges standings as follows after two of the six Wing rounds:-

  • Warrant Officer Donna Hall – 3 Singers
  • Warrant Officer Nathan Eyre & Squadron Leader Paul James – 2 Singers each
  • Warrant Officer Paul Roberts – 3 Singers

The next round is South & East Midlands Wing on Wednesday 2nd December.