Searching the Region for Talent

Central and East Region are on the hunt for talented Cadets, Staff and Chaplains  who are prepared to compete against others from the Region.

From the comfort of your own homes and through the medium of Microsoft Teams you can display your talents in most forms of entertainment.   Each act will have a maximum of two minute (Minimum of one minute) to impress the panel of judges.

Squadrons will nominate acts and they will be in competition with other squadrons within the wing.  The winning two acts from each wing will go through to the final.

The competition, thought up and organised by the Region Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Mike Webb, will run from Sunday 3rd May and every Sunday through to the Final on Sunday 14th June.   

The competition will kick off with South & East Midlands Wing on Sunday 3rd May then the next five Sundays will feature the rest of the Regions Wings as per the timetable sent to each squadron.

For more details, contact you Squadron Commander.