Liam Wins Air Cadet’s New Award


The first recipient of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) RAF 100 Sword is Flight Lieutenant Liam Waring, Officer Commanding 1936 (Newton) Squadron, South & East Midlands Wing.

The new RAF 100 Sword is to be awarded annually to the student considered to be the best of all the students that attended the RAFAC Adult Training Facility Squadron Commanders Course during a year, and this, the first presentation of what will be a most prestigious award, went to Liam.

Liam was selected as the best of the 103 candidates from across the RAF Air Cadets that have attended the courses during the year. The courses are designed to equip those selected to best utilise their leadership qualities, accept responsibility and hone their skills to efficiently and safely deliver the Cadet Experience at their Air Cadet Squadrons.

The award was made by the Commandant Air Cadets, Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty CBE, during the RAFAC Annual Awards Ceremony at RAF Cranwell.

On receiving the award, Liam said; “It has been an absolute honour to have been presented with this Sword, I would never have expected to have been the top student out of my course let alone all the other courses too, it was a great surprise”.

In addition to this award, the RAF Club, in wishing to recognise the achievement, also provided two nights accommodation at the RAF Club with an evening meal and, as a permanent reminder of the occasion, a crystal decanter.