WARMA Marches

A group of Grimsby Air Cadets arWARMA Marchese this week celebrating after receiving their medals for successfully completing the first of the WARMA Marches.
The Marches, which see military personnel and members of the cadet forces from across the country come together to cover a long distance march whilst carrying a full pack, have become a favourite training exercise among those hoping to eventually partake in the Nijmegen marches.
The gruelling walks, which took place around RAF Cosford, Shropshire, saw 5 cadets from 195 (Grimsby) Squadron complete several practice walks ahead of the marches.
Cadet Pozarlik, aged 15, said: “The marches were really difficult, but the practices helped prepare us.
“Cadet Smitth, also aged 15, added: “We kept each other going and morale was high –especially at the end knowing we had succeeded.
“I’m hoping to complete the next set of marches and eventually go on to complete Nijmegen.”
Pilot Officer K Hudson VRT, Adult Instructor with 195 Squadron, said: “These cadets have shown tremendous resilience and determination in working their way through poor weather conditions and long walks to get their m