2195 Down at the Fire Station!

Instead of heading down to the squadron headquarters one Thursday evening the Long Eaton Air Cadets visited their local fire station.2195 Fire station 3
The cadets arrived in their numbers, as it was the first time the squadron had visited the local fire station for them all. The cadets had a brief introduction from the Officer in Charge at the Long Eaton Fire Station. The Cadets were shown the warning sound for the station when the firefighter were called out to an emergency, before being shown around the station.
Whilst on the tour of the station the cadets got to learn about what the station specialises in, what equipment they use and the firefighters working experience. However, it wouldn’t be a proper visit without the cadets getting a chance to wear some of the equipment and to have a go in the fire engine.
So the cadets were split down into four groups, where they participated in activities which included; going over first aid, discussing the uses of the fire service, a tour of the fire engine, trying on breathing apparatus and learning all about the aquatic aspect of the fire service. 2195 Fire station 1
As part of the aquatic tour, the Firefighter explained that the local fire station is not always needed in aquatic missions. However, they have the equipment needed should their alarm be raised for a river or lake mission nearby. They invited Cadet Sergeant James Bland to try on the equipment: the dry suit, boots, helmet and life vest.
Cadet Kira Beadle said: “the trip to the fire station was fascinating I learnt new things that I never knew the fire and rescue service did. It was fun to learn more; it was a great night. Would love to do it again.”