2195’s Adventures at Alter Rock

Written by Cadet W Moss
2195 (Long Eaton) Sqn ATC
On the 19th of April 2016 Long Eaton Air Cadets travelled to Alter Rock Climbing Centre in Derby. This event enhanced the cadet’s teamwork, group communication, friendships and confidence whilst providing all cadets with fun filled evening. A good few of the cadets started the night with a fear of heights but by the end of the night they all came away confident, proud and buzzing for more!2195 Climbing 2 (1)

There were many activities that pushed the cadets to try new and exciting challenges for example “The Cave”.

“The Cave” as you can guess was a pitch black, winding, thin, claustrophobic and seemingly unending cave/tunnel. It was just tall enough to fit one and a half footballs on top of each other, so you can imagine the struggle, not to forget the width-you couldn’t stretch your arms out beside you! Surely it couldn’t get any harder than that? It did! They were bumps, slopes, ledges and all other sorts of obstacles. But all of the cadets came out triumphant with glistening white teeth grinning out of the black abyss.2195 Climbing 1 (1)

After the cadets triumphed over The Cave they all had a tutorial of how to put on a harness and helmet. Harnesses on! 2195 (Long Eaton) Squadron Air training corps were ready to climb! Up they went, some slow-some fast, their friends assisting their climb all the while, by B-laying. Some fell, but they were determined to carry on, that’s the Long Eaton Air Cadets spirit! Once they reached the summit they abseiled down and swapped roles with their companions at the base. When all the cadets were finished they went up a flight of stairs and all abseiled down, then had to climb back up! Once the abseiling was complete it was time to face the “Sky Walk”.

The Sky Walk was a 20ft high obstacle course that consisted of wobbly logs, swinging tyres, a small climbing wall, loose ropes and much more! All of the cadets who attempted the walk got to the other side in more or less one piece.

Next was the Free Wall, no harness, no helmet, just at 15ft wall and a crash mat. This was by far the Cadet’s favourite due their facial expressions.

Officer Cadet McHale gave all the Cadets gave all the Cadets who attempted the red wall the challenge of touching the yellow rock which proved to be very difficult due to the bump in the wall which forced the Cadets to climb upside down or find another way to achieve their objective.

Sadly, time drew to an end but I’m sure that the 19th of April 2016 was a night to remember for 2195, Long Eaton Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

Edited by Cadet Corporal E Ephraim
2195 Media Team