Cooking up a Storm!

Tuesday 29th March was an eventful night for all the squadron. The Squadron’s MasterChef was heating up, between A Flight and B Flight. The Training flight was split up and put into the flights to assist in any way they could.
The requirement of each flight was to create a three course meal and beverage for four judging staff, who would award points out of 5 for each dish. The meals had to be cooked on a Trangia outside, with a table for organising the food on.2195 (2)
A flight cooked ravioli for their starter, which they gained 6 points, a calzone and spaghetti, which they gained 18 points for and ice cream, which they gained 13 points for, all summing up to 37 points.
B flight served fresh lemonade and cooked a fatuous salad with pomegranate sauce, earning 16 points, jerked chicken with kidney bean rice, earning them 16 points and coconut halves with whipped cream and mango, which got them 13 points. This added up to 45 points.
A further 2 points were awarded to A flight for integrity and 3 points to B flight for presentation, giving a final score of 39 – 48 to B flight.
All in all, it was a fun night, enjoyed by all and a chance for cadets to show off their culinary skill, proving who would be best to organise the meals on Duke Of Edinburgh.

Written by Cadet Lucy Scott
Edited by Sergeant James Bland
Media Team