When Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Went to Space  

N&S Leroy
With all the hype surrounding British astronaut Tim Peake on his historical trip to the International Space Station (ISS), we thought it would be timely to remind everyone that 10 years ago cadets at 1132 (Stalham) Squadron talked to the ISS Commander Leroy Chiao on 2nd February 2005 at 1253hours!

It took the cadets two years to set it all up with RSGB ARRL and NASA and they were given a small communications window that was just open for 9mins and 24 seconds. To this day 1132 Squadron remain the only Air Cadet Squadron to ever talk to the ISS. They even appeared on CNN News in the USA!

Listen to the cadets chatting with Commander Chiao on the Norfolk & Suffolk website, asking him about celebrating New Years Eve, what is largest man made object visible from space, the Boxing Day Tsunami and a thousand other questions!