Long Eaton Air Cadet Support Push 1000

Push 1000 1 (1)

Whilst attending the ACO Drill and Ceremonial Camp, a number of cadets were selected to go and support Sean Allerton. He is setting out on the challenge of completing 1000 miles in his wheelchair across a number of different RAF bases to raise money for the following charities: RAF Associations (RAFA), RAF Benevolent Fund, RAF Charitable Trust and Flying Scholarships for Disabled People.

Among these cadets were two of our very own, Cadet Warrant Officer Rebecca Parr and Cadet Sergeant James Bland, they joined Sean in completing 4 runs of the airstrip. Sergeant Bland said “I was amazed when I heard of the challenge he was completing, 1000 miles! Completing that kind of distance is incredible and being able to support him even for such a small part was a great honour.”

After the evening at RAF Honington Sean has now completed 594.97 miles of the 1000 miles, completing 22.93 miles in that session.