15 Years of Athletics Wins for 126!

For the fifteenth consecutive year, 126 (City of Derby) Squadron have won the South & East Midlands Wing Athletics Competition! The competition took place on Sunday 10th May at the Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium in Leicester.

The Cadets who represented the Derby Squadron performed extremely well in both the track and field events and eventually won the overall competition.1796633_657610254369345_1040685818271298918_n (1)

The Cadets walked away with 3 out of the 6 trophies available, winning the categories for Boys, Mens and overall categories.

For 126 Squadron, their continued success in the athletics competition is put down to hard training and a team spirit with a desire to win. During the competition, Derby squadron could be heard cheering on their team mates from all across the stadium.

The 126 squadron team were particularly successful in the relay events. A special mention must be given to girls team who only had four cadets to cover all eleven events- needless to say they were busy.

Several Cadets from Derby will now compete for South and East Midlands Wing at a Regional competition.

Cadet Flight Sergeant Natasha Marshall said, “I couldn’t be more proud of all the Cadets today. They really fought hard and did their best which is all we can ask for. For them to win on top of that is a bonus.”

Derby squadron is the only squadron in the history of South & East Midlands Wing to win the competition for 15 consecutive years.